Cleaning and Preservation

Preserving your wedding dress is the best way to keep your wedding gown looking good over the years.

Sabrina Ann and Sabrina Ann Couture have partnered with Bridal Kare who has been cleaning gowns for over 80 years. Bridal Kare uses K4, an eco-friendly solvent that is better for the environment. Along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Simply bring your gown in after your wedding, (the sooner the better). We do the rest.

You pay for the service upfront. You will be provided a “photo” card when you bring in your gown. Bridal Kare will take a picture after they clean your gown and before they preserve it. They will text you the picture. You have 24 hours to view the cleaning. If Bridal Kare does not hear back from you, they move forward with preservation. Please note this is a courtesy service and an approval to preserve is not required. Your preserved gown is shipped directly to you within 3 weeks.

The cost is $275.

We also offer cleaning without preservation in both locations for  $200.