Why Hire a Day of Wedding Coordinator?

Day of Coordination
You have planned it all. The ultimate DIY bride who has been binder equipped since week one of your engagement. OR you are the other extreme and completely laid back about this whole planning process. Either way hiring a day of coordinator for you
r wedding is a must, and we want to share a few reasons why.

Coordinators are there to make sure everything is running smoothly and to be the go between with your vendors. Tostart with, they
make sure you stick to your timeline, and help coordinate all your vendors arriving on time and where they are supposed to be. From there they help to make sure your wedding procession goes smoothly and timely. Coordinators are also available to run your rehearsal the day before.

Coordinators are there for not only the big details, but also the little details. These little details include checking seating charts, table settings, and placement of favors. More and more we find that brides (with the help of Pinterest) are designing their own weddings, and handling a good part of the decor. But you normally need someone to fill the gap between what the caterer will do and what the venue will handle. Most venues tell you Day of Coordination

right off the bat that they are not wedding planners, and caterers focus on food and drinks. They tend to focus less on the setup of the decor. We find that we are hired to fill those gaps. Not to mention coordinators come fully equipped with an emergency kit just in case.

So whether you are a planner at heart, or looking for laid back simplicity, hiring a day of wedding coordinator will ensure you will be relaxed, and it will be a day you and your guests will never forget!

Check out our day of page to see pricing, and set up your free consultation with one of our experienced wedding day planners.