Sabrina Ann is located at 24 Ardmore Avenue in Ardmore, PA. If you are using a GPS , key in the Ardmore Post Office’s address which is 30 Ardmore Ave in Ardmore, PA. Or key in as a location/place. We are the in the strip of stores right next to the Post Office. Many GPS’s will route you to a residential home that is approx. a mile from our shop on WEST Ardmore Avenue, which is not where we are. We are located about 50 yards off of Lancaster Avenue (Route 30) on Ardmore Avenue. There is a Bryn Mawr Trust Company Bank on the southeast corner of Lancaster Avenue and Ardmore Avenue. There is a light green awning above our window and metered parking in front of the shop. On Saturday, there is FREE parking in the parking lot across from the Post Office, almost directly across from our store.


Construction has changed parking in downtown Ardmore for the foreseeable future. Please see the map for help finding parking. Sabrina Ann is located on Ardmore Ave on the map below above the word “AVE” next to the red line which represents several 2-hour street parking meters.